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How To Quickly Write, Publish & Profit From A Book That Will Grow Your Business

Julia Kline, Author of the Amazon bestseller “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sleaze-Free Selling”


Julia Kline is a master of success, with diverse accomplishments in numerous industries throughout her career. She was in the top 1% of the worldwide sales force with Mary Kay Cosmetics, became a Titanium Power Seller on eBay (meaning she grossed $100,000 per month or more in sales), built a multi-million-dollar real estate investment portfolio, has been invited to speak to small business audiences around the world, and most recently published the acclaimed Amazon bestseller, “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sleaze-Free Selling.”

Build Your Legion Of Readers And Fans With Email


Hunter Boyle leads business development for email powerhouse AWeber. A seasoned speaker, content marketer and writer, Hunter’s been helping organizations optimize their digital initiatives since the dot-com days. The former editor of Marketing Experiments Journal and Internet Marketing Report, outside the office, he’s an avid traveler, volunteer and craft beer lover. Connect with him socially via, on Twitter and Google+.

Sean Platt – Co-founder: Collective Inkwell, Realm & Sands


In addition to authoring dark horror and sci-fi with Dave at CI and genre benders with Johnny at Realm & Sands, Sean writes for children under the name Guy Incognito, and has more than his share of nose. He has indie-published more than two dozen fiction titles. Nonfiction credits include the freelancer’s guide, Writing Online, the indie how-to Write. Publish. Repeat., and the memoir Writer Dad. Sean lives in Austin, TX with his wife, daughter, and son.

Best-Selling Book Cover Designs with Derek Murphy, Award Winning Book Designer


Derek Murphy has worked with hundreds of best-selling authors and thought-leaders to develop book covers that complement their vision, stand out, get noticed, and attract new readers. His insights into book cover design will put you on the path towards a well-designed book that markets itself. In Derek’s session called “Best-Selling Book Cover Secrets” you’ll learn why some a book cover can mean selling a few books, or thousands. You’ll also see how the littlest changes can make a huge difference in sales. Stop making the rookie mistakes most authors make and learn how to look, and sell, like the best-selling authors.


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Joe Pulizzi

Best-Selling Author & Founder of Content Marketing World

Johnny B. Truant

Self Publishing Podcast & Best-Selling Author

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J. Thorn

Top 5 Amazon Horror Best-Seller

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David H. Lawrence XVII

Actor & ACX Expert

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Andrea Vahl

Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies

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Hunter Boyle

Seasoned Speaker, Content Marketer and Writer

Derek Murphy

Award Winning Book Designer

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Sean Platt

Co-founder: Collective Inkwell, Realm & Sands

Vinny O’Hare

Self-publishing and Internet Marketing Professional

Deborah Carney

Self-publishing Professional, BookGoodies

Jim F. Kukral

Owner of Author Marketing Club and founder of Author Marketing Live

Julia Kline

Author of the Amazon bestseller “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sleaze-Free Selling”

Build An Author Platform With Email List Building For Authors with Aweber


Justin Premick is an award-winning email marketing expert and Director of Educational Products for AWeber, the leading small business email marketing software company. Tens of thousands of businesses have learned how to grow their sales, profits and overall business by reading Justin’s articles or by watching his presentations in person or online. His insight and advice on email marketing has been featured by INC, the New York Times,, and numerous other business and marketing publications.

Find Hungry Readers & Grow Your Fan Base with Facebook Ads with Andrea Vahl


Andrea is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and was the Community Manager for Social Media Examiner, for over 2 years. She specializes in running Facebook ad campaigns for businesses all over the world. She also uses her Improv comedy skills to blog as a slightly cranky character, Grandma Mary – Social Media Edutainer on her site at

Create the Perfect ACX Audiobook Project From Media Legend/Actor David H. Lawrence XVII


For over 30-years David H Lawrence XVII’s career has covered television, radio, podcasting, acting, entrepreneurship and much, much more. You may know him from his award-winning syndicated radio show or his many acting appearances on shows like CSI, The Mentalist, LOST, Good Luck Charlie and of course his breakout role as one of the Villains, puppet master Eric Doyle on NBC’s smash hit Heroes. But did you know he’s a master voice over actor and audio book creator? David will present a powerful session called “Creating the Perfect ACX Audiobook Project” that will show you how to turn your book into an audio book that you can be proud of and profit from.