Why Cleveland?

You may be asking yourself, “Why Cleveland?” Why not Vegas or NYC?

#1 Reason To Visit Cleveland – Content Marketing World


Our event is being put on in partnership with the largest, in-person content marketing event in the industry called Content Marketing World. This event takes place in Cleveland every year, with thousands of attendees. So stick around a few extra days and register to take part in this amazing event. Use the code “AUTHOR” during registration for a $200 discount!

#2 Reason To Visit Cleveland – The Location!


Cleveland is an amazing city full of award-winning restaurants, theaters and beautiful recreation. You will find, as everyone does, that your visit to Cleveland will make you wonder why you’ve never been before. Come a day early and visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Or visit our wonderful Lake Erie lakefront, then catch a baseball game or visit our Horseshoe casino. All within walking distance of the event.

#3 Reason To Visit Cleveland – The Cost!


You can experience a lot more in Cleveland, for half the cost of other locations. First off, you’ll find a flight here usually much cheaper than traveling to other places. You’ll also quickly realize that eating at a five-star restaurant or staying in a five-star hotel room is considerably less.