Testimonials AMLive 2015

“This year author marketing virtual is amazing. The lecturers are top notch. They know what they are talking about and they share a lot very easily. I learned so much info already, so many practical tactics that I can do, and the event is not even over yet. Jim Kukral is doing a great job hosting this event and he knows what questions to ask to get still more infos from the presenter. It was money well spent because with what I learned so far I know the sales of my books are going to improve a lot.”

Alex Reeve

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“I have been in marketing for years and have done a fair share of book marketing myself. That said, this conference is truly an amazing experience. It is easy to get “in the box” with your marketing, but having all these great speakers talking about different things has forced me WAY outside of what I am comfortable with and into really new ideas! Thanks Jim for putting such a great event together…:)”

Tara Jacobsen


“I have lost count of the number of valuable tips and strategies that I have gained from the Author Marketing Live Summit. Having access to a number of experts in their fields has been fantastic. This is truly a global event – I am watching the presentations from New Zealand, where the replay option has been a great way around the time zone difference. Thanks Jim for organising a great event.”

SL Beaumont

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“Stunning value! I have attended many writing conferences, all amazing, all brick and mortar. The fact that my physical presence was required meant higher cost: there were not only conference fees, but also expenses for food, travel, and accommodations. I appreciate this Author Marketing Virtual Event because I can access a ton of invaluable information without incurring a ton of extra expense. The flexibility is great; I can watch/attend these presentations at my leisure. What I have been doing is watching webinars on my tablet while taking notes (via voice recognition software) on my desktop. And, in between workshops, I can focus on the most important thing: my writing! I am not yet finished all the viewing but am loving this experience! Thank you.”

Annie Daylon

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“This was a great seminar, even for more experienced authors like me who have multiple titles published. In every class I attended, I found something that will make my marketing just a little bit better. I’m very appreciative to Jim and everyone who helped to put this together.”

Carly Fall


“You can attend any virtual event in your pajamas. But for AMLive, make sure you also have pen and paper on hand – you’ll want to take notes. Jim and his crew at the Author Marketing Institute have brought together the very best folks in terms of knowledge and presentation. I attended several presentations, any one of which was worth more than the cost to get “in the door.” And guess what? I get to watch them again, along with the ones I missed! In addition to the presenters and their info, I also connected with other attendees, and I plan on benefiting from their knowledge, expertise and butt-kicking as well. If you are an indie author, or think you want to want to be, this is a must-attend event.”

Scott Gardner

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“When I heard about Author Marketing Live, I thought it might be a fun virtual event where I could pick-up a tip or two about marketing my books. Then I attended the event… and was completely blown away! A whose-who list of publishing experts provided amazing insights through presentations that delivered value that went above and beyond my highest expectations. Jim was a up-beat and knowledgeable host, and the private Facebook group was a fantastic place to interact with other authors and exchange ideas. By the end of the fifth day, I had pages and pages of notes, had learned a bunch, made friends with other authors, and was ready to take my book marketing to the next level. (My only complaint is that I will have to wait an entire year to attend AMLIVE 2016!)”

Kevin T. Johns

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“As a self-published newbie, marketing my books had always been a nightmare. For a long time, I avoided it entirely. When I did decide to give it an honest try, I was immediately overwhelmed and had no idea how to even begin. Then the light of Jim Kukral’s Author Marketing Virtual Summit showed me the way. For an entire week–nearly 20 presentations!–I received top notch information that was actually helpful. The presenters were not only experts in their field, but were so personable I felt like I was having a one-on-one consult with them. On top of all of that, the private Facebook group that comes with the summit is absolutely priceless. Here, I have connected with other like-minded authors and we have committed to supporting one another on this journey. Thanks to this summit, I now have an action plan in place for my upcoming launch. I am armed with practical steps that I am certain will make my writing career a success. Thank you, Jim! I could not have done this without you!”

Jenna Hiott


“Jim, thank you for a great experience with the Author Marketing Live webinar. I very much appreciate a friend’s suggestion that I attend–what a superb value for such a tiny price, all with the bonuses of being able to download the slides and replay the sessions over and over. There were at least a half dozen of the presenters whose sessions alone would have been worth the price of the whole webinar. I admit to being brain-dead right now from information overload, but tomorrow I’ll be ready to hit the computer again and try out what I’ve learned this week. You did a great job not only for moderating every session, but also for gathering that outstanding batch of impressive professionals as presenters. What a talented group, and what an amazing sharing of knowledge in sincere efforts to help other authors. I found many of the chat posts interesting as well; I hope you transcribe these for us, because there were quite a few valuable tidbits in there (or as a droll friend puts it, “bits of tid”).”

Suzanne T. Smith

Good Food for Great Dogs

“I’m a fiction author and wasn’t sure what to expect from this event. But Jim put together a fantastic event with guest presentations that both fiction and non-fiction authors can use. I wasn’t able to make all of the events live, so I am very happy that the videos are available to review, pause and take notes from.

Some of the presentations had so much info I’ll have to watch them a few times to get everything out of them that I can.

Author Marketing Live 2015 was well worth the price of admission. With the live presentations and the video library, it’s the conference that keeps on going. I have a lot to digest and use in my writing life going forward.”

Douglas Dorow

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“I loved the Author Marketing Live Virtual Summit. The speakers were extraordinary. I already knew and followed a few of them but most were completely new to me and all brought a wealth of information. You could see that several stressed the same points that every author needs to take care of on their way to success. I really enjoyed that it was 95% “beef” and only 5% of introductions and motivational stuff. I think we are all motivated if we signed up for the summit. The presenters over-delivered with both their long-term strategies and practical techniques every author can start doing now. I will definitely participate again next time.”

Alinka Rutkowska

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“I learned so much from Author Marketing Live, even from the sessions that I didn’t think applied to me. There was such a breadth of information from the speakers and all kinds of great tips and action steps that I’ll be following long into the future. I appreciated being able to attend the event from home and network with the other attendees in the chat and on Facebook. I would definitely recommend this event to other authors looking to strengthen their marketing knowledge.”

Leslye Penelope


“I’ve never done something like this before but something in the email I received made me want to give it a try. I signed up and I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge to be had from this. It gets better — I have a full-time job and because I can watch the presentations after they happen, I can still take full advantage of the event! I even left windows open on my computer to capture the chat from the other participants. If you know blogs then you know that the comments add so much value to the experience and these sessions are no exception. Others think to ask questions you never even thought of, or point things out that you may have missed.

Is it worth it? Hell yeah! I somehow feel like I have new friends, too! I will keep an eye on them and share with them whenever I can! Someday I will have a book to share and I know where my gratitude will go!”

Evelyn Hunter


“An excellent event for all writers, whether fiction or non-fiction, with a wide variety of topics covered by experts in their fields. I liked the fact the events were live with interaction from attendees. Having the replays is a great bonus for missed events and just for taking in even more of the information that might have been overlooked in the jam-packed presentations the first time around. This was time well spent. Thanks, Jim Kukral!”

Patricia Sands


“Jim over-delivered on his promises for the Author Marketing Virtual Summit. The subjects were topical; the speakers had both depth and breadth; and Jim made sure the trains ran on time.

I’ll be referring back to several of the sessions as I devise my world domination strategy!


Tamela Rich


“I was very pleased with this event. The presentations were jam-packed with practical information and the presenters showed how to take your book business into another level. Highly recommended!”

Timo Kiander

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“The Author Marketing Virtual Event exceeded my expectations. I walked away from each highly informative sessions, with some of the leaders in the book publishing industry, loaded with specific and actionable steps to bolster my marketing plan. These honest, no fluff presentations highlighted the hard, but doable work it takes to be a bestselling author. So worth the money and so worth the time!”

Meg Gray

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“Not spending on the air ticket/train ticket. Not spending on the hotel. Not being to deal with routine issues back at home. What’s not to like about virtual conferences? This one is a cut above the rest (or at least in my view). You have a high density of authorpreneurs/micropublishers that are speaking. The result: a high quality, hands-on series of presentations. Even if you don’t like some, and even if you don’t agree with some, you’ll come away with actionable (=profitable) strategy.”

Stephen McClelland

“As I prepare to launch my second novel, your Book Marketing Virtual Summit could not have come at a better time for me. The format worked perfectly for me, as I could continue to work while listening to great advice from your speakers. I learned helpful tools that will make a difference in marketing and publishing my future novels. I replayed more than one video, to make certain I didn’t miss any valuable information.”

Ashley Farley

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