The Cost

The Bookbub Effect: How Wasting Money on Book Ads Will Get You Nowhere Long-Term With Your Book Selling Efforts

You wrote a book and you want it to be a success. You want to not only profit from it; but you also want the amazing feeling of sharing your stories with millions of readers. It’s a great feeling, believe me.

So let me ask you this…

How much money do you think you’ll spend promoting your book over the next six to twelve months? How much money have you already spent having it edited and formatted and then a professional cover made?

The average author will spend $500-$1500 over the first six to twelve months of their book release in order to help get the word out. And that doesn’t even include the time spent writing the book, then researching and planning how to promote it.

A successful book is a large financial and time investment. No doubt.

But what most don’t realize is that the vast majority of authors do not find instant success because they weren’t prepared with the knowledge they needed before they put the time and money in to promote and market their book.

In other words; a lot of wasted time and money are spent every day by authors. So much so it can cripple a new author to the point where they overspend and under-prepare so much that they become discouraged and want to give up. Is that you? I don’t want it to be you.

Here’s the truth. Selling books is hard work. If you’re not prepared for success then you are going to waste money and time promoting your book.

Are you interested in continuing to waste time and money? Tired of guessing what works and what doesn’t?

Join us in Cleveland for Author Marketing Live! for $149 for an amazing day of learning everything you need to know about success with your book moving forward.

That’s right, just $149 before May 31st gets you an early bird pass where you’ll sit with 150 other exclusive authors who also want to quit wasting time and money.

So now you’re saying, “But it’s going to cost me much more for travel to Cleveland.”

Actually, this entire trip is not going to cost that much considering all you are already spending or plan to spend that will probably not do anything for you.

Here’s a summary of the costs for coming to Cleveland this summer for one day.

  • Early bird pass (Ends May 31st) = $149
  • Average flight cost to Cleveland in the USA = $225
  • Hotel room = $174 special rate at 4-star hotel where event is located (Heck, share a room or crash on someone’s couch!)
  • Food (you gotta eat!) = $50 (Lunch is provided at event)
  • Your time = Travel in on Sunday, stay overnight, do the event on Monday, then fly back home that night.
  • View travel options here.

Your total financial investment = $463 (or less)

So stop for a second and think about this. For just under $500 you’re going to sit down with a select group of authors for a complete full day of amazing learning from book selling experts who are going to blow you away with what they have to teach you. Don’t believe it? Check our speaker list and agenda.

Still don’t want to invest in a trip to Cleveland? That’s fine, here’s how to waste money and time doing it the wrong way.

You could take that $500 and blow it on ads where you might get a bump in your book sales for a day or so. Then what? Spend another $500 on ads for another bump? Over and over again? Hopefully your book sells and you make your money back. Most don’t make the money back; you realize that right? There are no guarantees in buying ads. Oh, and don’t forget, sites like Bookbub might not even accept your book. Then what?

The best-selling authors don’t operate this way. They prepare for success with a plan and strategies and techniques for success with their books. In fact, talk to any best selling author (which you can do in-person at #AMLive14) and ask them how much money they spend on ads for their books. Their answer? Hardly anything.

They don’t need to get stuck in the vicious book ad buying cycle because they’ve prepared their books for success through amazing covers and diversifying their distribution channels and creating social media plans and author platforms, etc… All of the things you will learn first-hand how to do in Cleveland at the end of Summer at Author Marketing Live!

So now it’s up to you to decide. Keep blowing money on ads and hope it works? Keep guessing how to make your book a success? That’s a recipe for failure.

Or, take the money you were going to spend on ads and invest it in something much more valuable. Invest it in learning and meeting with the best-selling authors who are going to show you EXACTLY how you can sell more books.

Remember, you’re not just learning at this event. You’re shaking hands and meeting with best-selling authors and industry experts who are excited to meet you. You’ll also get networking time to meet other authors who can become friends and allies you can count on for the future.

Author Marketing Live! will be a first-class event held in a beautiful ballroom of one of Cleveland’s most famous and centrally located hotels called The Renaissance. You will be comfortably seated for the day where you can bring your computer or tablet and takes notes and learn and ask questions directly with some of today’s top authors and industry experts who are excited to meet you and teach you.

You’re going to walk out of the event that night with your head spinning, and your notebook full of real, proven book selling strategies you can implement on your own they very next day. This is the kind of learning that will change your success, guaranteed.

Oh, and did I mention? Every attendee will get private access to the video recording of the event after the event (this will not be available to anyone else). So you will be able to go back and learn all over again, or perhaps pick up something you didn’t get the first time.

It’s time to make the correct investment. Invest in a trip to Cleveland today and grab one of 150 21-seats before they are all sold out. The clock is ticking and seats are already claimed. The early-bird price of $149 ends on May 31st.


Jim Kukral

Founder, Author Marketing Club/Author Marketing Live!

P.S. I’ve hand-selected every speaker for this event to cover everything you need to know for book selling success. I personally promise that you will find amazing value from your investment in a trip to Cleveland. So much so, I will happily refund you your event cost, no questions-asked, after the event if you didn’t find it worth your time.