Learn How To Go From Selling 2 Books A Day To 200 With J. Thorn – Top 5 Amazon Horror Best-Seller

“You better be in Cleveland this Summer for AMLIVE. I’m excited to show you how to build an author platform and reach the right readers by being thoughtful, deliberate and genuine. I’m going to give you tools you can use immediately and show you how I’ve gone from selling only two books a day to being ranked the #5 best selling horror author on Amazon.”


J. Thorn is consistently a Top 50 Horror Author (Amazon Rank) and currently ranks as the #5 Horror author on Amazon behind S. King and D. Koontz. As a full-time author, he has over 14 books for sale. He is a supporting member of the Horror Writers Association, a member of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers, and a writer for disinformation.com.